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The Note: Actors and performers join the writers in a memorable major strike that from regions far away from that industry, looks like another work of fiction, while we wonder how are we gonna pay our bills drowned on hundreds of ideas that almost surely will perish in the oblivion of a hard disk inside an old computer.

Maybe I am exaggerating. But let's check the context: Fran Dresc

John Dust ‧ Screenwriter

Why do we fear iA

If the audience is compelled and entertained by Artificial Intelligence, then we should not interfere, but we may sought this other places where human stories and performances can blossom

I am a writer, I don't fear Ai, not because I feel too good or something like that but because I believe that a machine could never match the mystery of imagination based on the empathy of being human, that is perhaps the reason we have been telling stories since we exist as homo sapiens sapiens.

If we prefer as humans an invention of our machines, ok, let's do it. 

There will be new opportunities for us storytellers. Life is made of challenges, why do we fear a machine without a heart.  

Trends move easily and that's why Ai products won't last. But why do we really care, entertainment is not as important as happiness, who really knows.

So my three bottles to the sea are:

  • Don't fear Ai as a real threat
  • If it is a threat then it's our time to make something new and better
  • Purpose in life is bigger than our career, remember I am a poet from Mexico under a middle class moon.

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John Dust

Full time screenwriter devoted to three divinities: Liberty,  Imagination, and Beauty. I focus on creating awesomely inspiring screenwriting combining high concept ideas with a  poetic simplicity and an empathic storytelling.


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