Let’s make great movies and series!

Original Stories Crafted to Awe and Inspire. 

The Audience Enjoyment And Inspiration should be the only focus of our industry.

This is the common thread of every story that has my name 

Every John Dust Original story is heartfully crafted

Discover new worlds

Invention of non existing places is a foundational part of my storytelling.

Activate your feelings

Emotion comes from empathy with the character's struggle inside the story, and my focus is on letting them live.

Ignite your creativity

After crossing the story you'll find yourself thinking about new ideas and open your boundaries.

Inspire your mind

Inventions, devices, languages, ways of thinking, cultures, will move the audience to pursuit their own adventure.

Because finding a suitable story is not an easy task:

I have developed this eight literary works with heart and passion in order to transmit this emotions to the audience from the origin, the poetic imagination applied to the script. Of course, you, as the reader, have the very last judgement of this pieces:

This is not John Dust

But it could be you if we work together to make a great movie in the next three years. 

This is John Dust (46)

Do you tell a surgeon how to cut through the flesh or  a pilot how to land a plane or your mom how to cook a stew? 

Then why everybody on the industry feels empowered to command the screenwriter on how to tell the story that lives exclusively on his imagination?

If you believe in your writers, follow their experience, heart and guts, they may not be infallible but for sure original and a possibly major success, because great stories only happen on the riskier zone of creation.

I am a full time screenwriter whose only devotion is to imagination, liberty and beauty, I stand for the importance of being visible and have creative power in the authorship of a literary work for the screen or stage if it wants to be not only successful but memorable in time and culture.