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What made me said  "I want to write movies" was more a discovery I wanted to made them but then I understood that there is a fatigue limit in making a movie, but when you write them, you really are the master storyteller, you don't face any limitation, you are free to imagine your own movie, and you surely can make more than one in a year.

That's what I love about writing screenplays. Other thing is to see them released in cinemas without changes, but that's another part of the equation.


Hay que entender algo fundamental, mi voz no serĂ¡ mi voz sin que yo logre erradicar las perniciosas influencias de mi inconsciente.

An Oscar has become an empty statue, and this emptiness is what every loving fan of cinema feels today just watching the movies on offer.

Nobody Knows what's the reason behind people fleeing cinemas.

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John Dust

Full time screenwriter devoted to three divinities: Liberty,  Imagination, and Beauty. I focus on creating awesomely inspiring screenwriting combining high concept ideas with a  poetic simplicity and an empathic storytelling.


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